Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I reach there ?

We have already uploaded the route map of our college. In case if you find it difficult, you can feel free to call any one of our hospitality coordinators. You will have their assistance in no time.

2. Will we have assistance if we arrive at night ?

Yes, definitely. There will be no problem at all. We will take care of you at any time. No need to worry about your security.

3. I’m not interested in accommodation. Can I get only meals during the event ?

Yes, of course. Participants will be provided with lunch even though they don’t take any accommodation. They will be given coupons provided they pay the initial registration fee.

4. What are the necessary things to bring ?

Your college ID, Ecentra ID number are necessary.

5. Where to pay the registration fee ?

Participants can pay the registration fee for their respective events at the registration links provided below in the description.

6. What is the registration process ?

You can go through respective event section for Registration process.

7. Is the registration process different for each event?

No. It will be same.

8. I have a lot of queries, how do I get in touch with you ?

You can mail us at mail@ecentra2020.in , The contact details of our coordinators are also provided in the website.